My passion for beauty started at a very young age. I would sit. mesmerized, as my Mother put on her makeup. I loved the way the makeup would illuminate her beauty. I remember sitting and smelling each of her L'oreal lipsticks, they smelled like vanilla to me. As I got older my love for beauty only grew. I began collecting magazines and books for beauty tips, drawing liner and lashes on Cover girl ads, and saving my pennies for Wet n Wild makeup. By the time I was in high school I was ready to try my skills on my friends, or who ever would let me, ha ha. 

As life continued I got consumed by the 9-5 jobs and forgot all about what really brought me joy. It wasn't until a few year ago when I was asked to do bridal makeup for a friend of a friend. I was reminded of how much I truly enjoy makeup artistry. I slowly started to market my artistry to the public, focusing mainly on bridal beauty. As the inquiries grew I noticed I needed a team to help me. Some of my best friends were already in the beauty industry so I asking them to join me was without question. My business is now in it's 3rd year and we are booking faster than ever before. We offer makeup and hair styling for all brides and their bridal parties. We are 100% mobile, which makes it very convenient for our brides. 

I truly love what I do. It's never like work for me, but more like playing dress up and making new friends. It's my own therapy. I am able to bring a calmness to what is typically a busy setting. It brings me so much gratitude to be chosen as a bride's bridal beauty artist. I know it takes a lot of trust to let a someone do your makeup and hair. I am forever thankful to each of my brides. 

They say find what it is you love to do and make a living out of it. I never believed that it was actually possible, but it is?! I'm living my dream job and it has just begun!!